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Our mission
To help our customers' maintain a happy car life

Our history

 In 1999, we opened the first ever self-service auto supermarket store in the Mongolian auto market.
 As of 2023, we are operating total of 15 branches across Mongolia
By 2025, we are planning to open our stores in every Mongolian province and into the Central Asian market

Who are we?

Our philosophy:

Equal rights to our stakeholders

To be the the leader in our industry

Stable and sustainable growth

Our character:

Key solutions

Caring attitude




Products and Services

Number of branches: 15

Number of customers per year: 650,000
- Auto supermarket with 4000 kinds of goods
- Technical service
- Maintenance and adjustment fitting
- Mandatory annual state inspections for government
- Around 100 types of specialized services such as windows film, duplicating keys
- Wholesale chain of automotive goods
- E-commerce of automotive products

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